My very first blog :D

I am in Miami having enjoyed a spectacular time at Hispanicize 2017.  I will talk more about the different panels and sessions I attended, the motivating Positive Impact Awards and last but not least the Tecla Awards, where a brilliant array of bloggers, taste makers and influencers are recognized for their achievements by their peers.

I want to first thank George Torres “Urban Jibaro…Sofrito for your Soul” for introducing us to Manny Ruiz Chief Executive Officer of Hispanicize.  I was immensely impressed with everyone I met at Hispanicize 2016, where my daughter Rosario received the Latinovator award.

The impression was so fantastic, that I found myself calling Manny and asking him if he was serious about me coming out every year as his guest…he was 😀

I met new people this year, reconnected with people I met last year and was blessed to spend quality time with long term friends and business associates.

Hispanicize opened my eyes, heart and mind to make the space to define and redefine myself…the good, the bad and the ugly.

I look forward to sharing with you what I have learned and lived.  I am, in the now and in the present, with joyful light and love.  Join me on this magnificent journey and Shine!

One of my goals is to highlight the beautiful souls who I meet, who are like minded individuals creating a space for and unleashing the Creator within, instead of the consumer whom we have had instilled in our being!

Meet Jaqui Rodriguez, she is the Founder of “Love your Curvas” it is because of her dedication to helping me shine, that this first blog of mine came to life.  She is sitting beside me, ensuring that my blog is connected to my Website, Vero, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat!  She is literally spending her last few hours in Miami with me, instead of basking in the sunshine!  I will add pages that will highlight the wonderful Creators that I meet, but for now, for the sake of expediency and desire to write my first blog, the introduction of Jaqui Rodriguez and her website will live forever on my very first blog.

Thank you Jaqui 💕

To ALL…Remain Blessed and Highly Favored

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